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Explore Riverside Together is a unique fundraising program for My Learning Studio OUTREACH, a 501c3. It's focus is to raise funds while bringing Riverside Residents together through events promoting Riverside's unique places and outdoor spaces.

              Riverside Proud:  Growing through Discovery

In May, we encourage you to sign up for a Discovery Passport at The Riverside Convention Center and off you will go discovering Riverside's hidden gems, historic landmarks and unique activities. 

In October, we invite you on a Scavenger Adventure-Downtown Riverside.  You'll be sent off on a scavenger hunt discovering hidden gems and historic landmarks, and you may drop in on one of our local bars for a drink.  This is for adults.

And we'll have more events planned soon.  Such as photo & video contests, walking tours, food tours and meetups for all ages.   

We offer a valuable resource for parents and guardians who realize they need to find supplemental help for their child, but unable to afford it.  In addition to tutoring, we offer a safe haven for students that are struggling academically and socially through one on one attention.  

They leave smiling, knowing their homework is complete, correct, and they are ready for their test. This is the peace of mind we provide to local families with every single tutoring session.  Explore Riverside Together can more than double our service hours, keep us open in the summer months, and let the city know that they have a free educational resource just down the road. 

​​​We are inviting families, teens, and visitors to stop by our free event, and explore Riverside’s hidden gems, explore historic and cultural landmarks and connect with unique activities  by signing up for a Discovery Passport.  When they sign up, they will have a chance to win prizes, certificates, freebies, and more. MLSO is bringing community leaders, nonprofit partners, and local businesses together because we have one thing in common.

My Learning Studio OUTREACH (MLSO), a 501(c)3, serves low-income families, at-risk youth, and foster and court-appointed youth, such as grandparents raising grandchildren,  is celebrating more than 10 years in the community.  We will continue to serve our mission in 2019 bigger and better than ever by expanding our services  off-site and in the community.   

Last year, we provided close to 500 hours of free and discounted tutoring. Our students are matched with an instructor and attend twice a week to improve not just their grades, but their confidence. 

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We will host National Night Out-Orangecrest on August 6th

Scavenger Adventure -

Downtown Riverside


Explore Riverside Together

My Learning Studio OUTREACH's inaugural fundraising event for starting Saturday, May 4, 2019

Serving low-income, foster, adopted, at-risk, and court-appointed children. 

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