Things you need to know before the event!

Choose Your Route:

Walk:  As you enjoy everything Downtown Riverside has to offer, expect to walk about 3 miles (or more for Adventure routes), with no time limit or rush. Come prepared and wear your walking shoes! 

Bike: Expect to drive to your starting point (which may be outside of Downtown) then you will bike and see what Riverside has to offer. We highly suggest bringing a helmet, lock, and water for the day. 

Drive: Fill your tank! You will get to cruise around the best parts of Riverside! 

***City parking is free on weekends and we will offer parking maps, or download one here.  If you would like to remain in the Riverside Convention Center’s lot for the day, you will be charged $10.

 Whether you walk, bike, or drive, you will start at a different location from the check-in point to alleviate traffic and parking congestion. Please plan to carpool to downtown because we expect a large crowd.  After you park, walk to the front lawn of the venue, and see all of our signs and booths. Visit the check-in booth upon arrival, and you will be allowed to unlock your personalized Passport on your phone, unless you opt for paper versions, which we will have on-hand. ​​

P.S. There is no set time for each location arrival, it is a go as you please journey. Everyone will be on their own. If needed there will be spanish speaking guides.Your Discovery Passport will direct you to a variety of locations.  There’s no timeframe, so relax and take in each new adventure.

The morning of the event, you will receive an email or text reminding you to check in at your designated time and prepare yourself accordingly.  Within your Passport, you will find a top secret, specially curated route for your group’s theme and mode of transportation.  Although you may want to RUSH to open your passport, you will have to wait until you check-in at the Riverside Convention Center.  Your starting place will vary depending on your mode of transportation.

 If you haven’t been Downtown on a Saturday in a while you will not recognize it!  We will share our special day with the Farmer’s Market, a Star Wars event at the Fox (May the 4th be with you), and much more. 

The toughest part of your day will be deciding whether you want to continue checking locations off in your passport, or wait until next weekend to finish your adventures.  Either way, you will now be savvy to the many hidden gems in Riverside, and you can create your own adventures using our extensive list of locations and events that will be available starting May 5th.  


When you visit each site an ERT volunteer/docent will be waiting to greet you!  Take lots of pictures because for each post that is tagged, #ERT, you will be entered to win prizes, such as restaurant certificates, a Sterling Silver Landmark Pendant, and more. 

The day will end with a big surprise raffle for a big surprise award from one of our sponsors so stay tuned to our social media for the prize announcement and the winner.

Skip the Line! Pre-purchase your meal before the big event!   You can pre-order lunch well in advance to save time and some cash. Menus are online here. Contact: for your order placement.

Plan Your Day