Choose your speed:

  • Walk your route and enjoy everything Downtown Riverside has to offer. Expect to walk about 3 miles (or more for Adventure routes), with no time limit or rush.   
  • Bike your route, but expect to drive to your starting point. (which may be outside of Downtown)
  • Drive your route and explore Downtown and beyond!

Who will join you on your adventure- family members, classmates, friends, or all of the above?  Create a group on Eventbrite as you register, and tell your co-explorers to enter your group name to join you!  As a group, you will all receive the same route on May 4th.

Do you want to meander, try to see everything under the sun, or make unforgettable memories learning about the city’s past? Our Discovery Passport routes are designed to provide 3 to 5 hours of free and unique activities throughout Riverside such as our many museums, parks, and local attractions! As a group, decide which type of route best fits your needs. 

Plan your day
You, and your group, will select a 20 minute time slot between 9 am and noon to arrive at the Convention Center for check-in. When you arrive, you will park in the Convention Center’s parking lot in designated temporary spots. From there you will find us on the front lawn, check-in, and receive your very own Discovery Passport. If your route sends you to downtown destinations, you will be responsible for finding parking while you explore.

Then, the true adventure begins!

Want to know what routes everyone else got that day?  Those will be available the day after as well so you can try a different curated route from ERT whenever you would like become Riverside Proud: Growing through Discovery

But good news! City parking is free on weekends and we will offer parking maps, or you can download one here. If you would like to remain in the Convention Center’s lot for the day, you will re-park in their lot and pay $10.

Find out more on What to Expect page to learn more about the happenings on May 4th.

One last thing
Don’t forget to submit your survey before the big day here to be entered for our survey raffle. It’s only 5 questions and your entry will help us assess Riverside residents’ pride. You will be asked to complete the survey again, after your fun is complete.
*Those that complete both surveys will be eligible for a free ERT t-shirt!*

​Registration is the first step to ensuring you have an unforgettable experience on May 4th.  Doing so will secure your time slot to arrive at the Riverside Convention Center for check-in, receive your personalized passport and off you go, discovering unique and wonderful gems in Riverside.

Ready to register?  Let's do it!

Choose your destiny:

  • Exploration is best for families and those that wish to take their time at each location. Most locations will have an activity, tour, or program just for you.
  • Adventure is a little more fast-paced and may even be rigorous, so we recommend this for ages 13 and up. Adventurers will enjoy more destinations, but have no fear because you may choose to start, end, or continue wherever you like.
  • Historic will teach you about the rich history and culture of the City of Riverside. This route may highlight how citrus put Riverside on the map, the famous people laid to rest here, and a plethora of monuments and historical locations. This route is designed to engage all ages, and can serve as an educational tool!

P.S. Creating your own group is totally optional! Your family, friends, sorority, office, or class can attend as a group, named by you to enhance your adventures and make them truly memorable.  If you choose to fly solo, you have been forewarned that this will result in making new friends!

What to expect May 4th

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